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There is no better happiness than helping others

Lets Start Donating Sadaham Sewana

Your once off or recurring contributions will be used to fulfill the essential expenses of the Buddhist Centre and essential needs of Maha Sanga that will ensure continuity of this serine location. This tremendous deed of offering not only help to uphold t the noble path but also provide a rare opportunity for revered merit for all those who contribute.
May you all be blessed with the good fortune of gaining with ease the ultimate realisation of that is well expounded by the Buddhas, Pacceka Buddhas and the Arahants.

Other Methods of Payment:

Via internet banking to: Sadaham Sewana Buddhist Centre Campbelltown Inc.
Account at : National Australia Bank BSB No : 082356
Account No : 369402229

Direct debit from your account monthly basis.
Your payment will be acknowledged via email.
Once you have set up online or sent money, please email to

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